Current status

We follow the "release often, release early paradigm". That means we will release new versions of EJOE as often as it seems to be reasonable.

Releases containing bugfixes only are called "patch releases" they will be named following this naming convention: x.x.x_yy whereby y.y stands for the patch level and x.x.x stands for the last compatible major version.

At the moment we are planning EJOE 0.5.0. We are mainly working on a lot of improvements and new features as well as on additional SerializeAdapters, message encryption, optimization of overall performance and memory consumption. Next official milestone will be, the first of at least two milestones before the release of 0.5.0. For a more detailed list of the expected changes take a look here.

Since version 0.4.0 EJOE is called stable which means we do not now anything preventing usage of EJOE in production enviroments.