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Release History

0.4.02007-05-28 milestone of the upcoming 0.4.0 release milestone of the upcoming 0.4.0 release
0.3.1_01Bugfix release with major improvements
0.3.12005-01-18First public release.

Release 0.4.1 - 2007-11-17

updatehessian - > 3.1.3netseeker
fixfixed a lot of possible issues found with FindBugsnetseeker
fixCastorAdapter: fixed non working reusage of the adapter when it was serialized (eg. into an HttpServletSession) and then deserializednetseeker
fixJava > 1.4: fixed exception when using direct byte buffer transport instead of serializationnetseeker
updatejson-lib - > 2.1, sojo - > 0.50, myjson - > 1.0.1netseeker
fixJava > 1.4: fixed initalization error when no custom is providednetseeker
fixJava > 1.4: fixed initalization error when no custom is providednetseeker
fixfixed #1733079: Error when activating Remote Classloadernetseeker

Release 0.4.0 - 2007-05-28

addadded new SerializeAdapter for Skaringa - Java and XML language bindingnetseeker
addadded Request to ServerHandler mapping: de.netseeker.ejoe.handler.ServerHandlerMapping which adds a backward compatible way to tell EJServer to use multiple ServerHandlers. To use this feature the user must implement de.netseeker.ejoe.request.IRequest whereby th e ServerHandlerMapping class does additionally support a default ServerHandler for unknown request types.netseeker
updatemodified XStreamAdapter to allow usage of other instances of than the default (
fixfixed non-working configuration of the adapter strategy via configuration file for EJClientnetseeker
fixfixed minor bug within the serverside detection if a direct serialization strategy has to be usednetseeker
addadded In-JVM mode (direct communication with an EJServer within the same JVM)netseeker

Release - 2007-03-29

removeremoved ConnectionTimeoutException class, we use SocketTimeoutExceptionnetseeker
updateupdated json-lib to 1.0netseeker
removeremoved unused SoftKeyedObjectCache classnetseeker
addadded cache/pool for already allocated ByteBuffers to reduce expensive allocations of native ByteBuffersnetseeker
fixfixed broken SojoAdapter when used with blocking I/Onetseeker
updateupdated SOJO to 0.4.0netseeker
updateSupport for persistent connections as well as for compression is now enabled by default in EJServernetseeker
fixfixed non-working GZIP-compressionnetseeker
addadded new SerializeAdapter for XMLBeansnetseeker
updateperformance enhancements in CastorAdaptor (uses a cached ClassDescriptorResolver now)netseeker
addadded new SerializeAdapter for Json Toolsnetseeker
add[1607189 ] Added a factory, de.netseeker.ejoe.RemotingService, creating dynamic jdk proxies for remote reflection calls.netseeker
add[1606386 ] Added a second SOJO based serialization adapter, de.netseeker.adapter.json.SojoJsonAdapter, which does support JSON-serialization via SOJO.netseeker
fixlimited the size of the server socket backlog (queue of waiting, unprocessed connections)netseeker

Release - 2006-11-29

updateswitched to Maven 2netseeker
addmade the number of used Connection Processors adjustable, default is the physically available number of processor units (CPUs)netseeker
addadded support for execution of asynchronous client callsnetseeker
addadded new SerializeAdapter for SOJO (Simplify your Old Java Objects)netseeker
addadded SerializeAdapters for dealing with JSONnetseeker
addadded new SerializeAdapter for the Caucho Hessian librarynetseeker
addadded adjustable common JAXB2 Adapternetseeker
removeremoved Jaxme2Adapter, will be replaced with a common JAXB2 adapternetseeker
addadded support for the Crispy Frameworknetseeker
addadded support for the Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF)netseeker
addunder Java 5 the ThreadPools of the concurrency package will be usednetseeker
updateremoved necessity of a additional instance of EJServer when the remote classloader is enabled. For classloader requests the main EJServer will be used from now.netseeker
addadded a new family of ServerHandlers: the RemoteHandler, which do allow usage of Remote Reflection (remote method invocation via reflection on serverside) basicallynetseeker
updateupdated required dependencies: XStream 1.1.2 - > 1.2, XPP3 - >, Castor 1.0M2 - > 1.0.2netseeker
addadded optional HTTP packaging for non-blocking IOnetseeker
addadded JMX-supportnetseeker
fixfixed NPE in CastorAdapter when used with existing mapping filenetseeker
addadded multiple serialization strategies: 1) EJClient.ADAPTER_STRATEGY_DEFAULT: both, client and server, will serialize and deserialize objects; 2) EJClient.ADAPTER_STRATEGY_DIRECT: both, client and server, will NOT serialize and deserialize objects they will use ByteBuffers in direct manner; 3) EJClient.ADAPTER_STRATEGY_MIXED: both, client and server, will interchange serialized objects but the client will not deserialize server responses and return ByteBuffers to the caller. Thanks to Robert Bowen.netseeker

Release 0.3.5_01 - 2006-03-22

addadded dynamically setting of socket buffer sizesnetseeker
fixfixed a critical, time consuming lock when adding new ready-to-read or ready-to-write connection to the processor Thanks to Robert Bowen.netseeker
fixfixed terminating of applications by reaching end of code if the application doesn't offer a application loop after invoking EJServer#start() Thanks to Robert Bowen.netseeker

Release 0.3.5 - 2006-02-04

addupdated XStreamAdapter for XStream 1.1.3netseeker
addadapters are now serializable by default to allow full session storage of EJClientnetseeker
fixreduced massive creation of array objects in the connection processornetseeker
fixfixed synchronisation lock issues in threadpoolsnetseeker

Release 0.3.4 - 2005-09-19

add(default) XStreamAdapter uses buffering nownetseeker
addreduced server shutdown timenetseeker
fixensured clean shutdown of ServerSocketChannels even during thread interruptionnetseeker
fixfixed some synchronization issues (especially in the used ThreadPool implementation)netseeker
fixreduced cpu consumption when waiting for new client connections (cpu burn syndrome)netseeker

Release 0.3.3 - 2005-03-18

addadded new SerializeAdapters for Castor and the standard Java Beans XmlEncoder/XmlDecoder serialization mechanism as well as a raw UTF8 string (de)serializernetseeker
addmade compression level adjustablenetseeker
addXStream is used as default (de)serialization mechanismnetseeker
addEJServer handles SerializeAdapters per client request now, clients tell the server what SerializeAdapter they need automaticallynetseeker
addadded support of persistent client connectionsnetseeker
fixConnectionReader doesn't detect clientside connections closes during read operationsnetseeker
fixNullPointerException during initialization of EJClient when using a custom properties filenetseeker
fixConnection header bits weres not restored properly on receiver sidenetseeker
fixIf threaded processor usage was enabled, EJOE did wait until all running reader threads had finished before scheduling new reader threadsnetseeker

Release 0.3.2 - 2005-03-06

addadded selectable IO mechanismsnetseeker
addadded adjustable threadpool strategiesnetseeker
addsplitted threadpools for read/process and writer threadsnetseeker
addadded selectable compressionnetseeker

Release 0.3.1_01 -


Release 0.3.1 - 2005-01-18