EJOE is hosted at The online documentation is available at

Sourcecode, binary releases, tracker, forum as well as the mailing list are available on the project site

Downloadable release archives are available at

Each release is offered as compiled and useable GZIP archive as well as GZIP archive containing the sourcecode.

The documentation assumes that EJOE was already downloaded and

  • ejoe_xx.jar,
  • xstream-1.x.jar und
  • xpp3_min-1.1.3.x.x.jar
were added to the classpath of your project.

Structure of a release archive

Structure of the archive containing the compiled release:
|-- ejoe_x.x.tar
    |-- doc/
    |-- lib/
	   |-- xpp3_min-1.1.3.x.x.jar
	   |-- xstream-1.x.jar
    |-- ejoe_xx.jar
    |-- LICENSE.txt
    |-- README.txt
File/Directory Description required at runtime
doc contains the project site as well as the javadocs -


contains the recommended third party dependencies (+)

required only if you want to use the XStreamAdapter (recommended)
ejoe_xx.jar EJOE Framework +
LICENSE.txt Copy of the Apache 2 License -
README.txt Release notes -