EJOE 0.4.1
Released: 2007-11-17

EJOE 0.4.1 (1.9Mb)


EJOE - entering guide 1.3 (german only, pdf 0.72Mb)

EJOE 0.3.5_01
Released: 2006-03-22

EJOE 0.3.5_01 (670k)




EJOE is a lightweight Java remoting framework built to send and receive objects through pluggable (de)serialization mechanisms. It offers a high-performance, simple, and clean object request broker (whereby ORB is meant in its natural manner and not in its relation with CORBA), with server and client components for easy integration into your client/server applications. It's an highly scaleable implementation of the common request-process-response pattern based on the java.nio package.

Basically EJOE offers you four things:

  1. a multithreaded, scaleable and high performance network I/O server as well as a corresponding client component
  2. automatic (de)serializing of request objects send by (your) clients and response objects provided by your business logic
  3. a simple, clean and unique interface to create new network applications or to integrate a object request broker into your applications easily
  4. an easy to use remoting framework
Additionally it does support:
  1. optional remote class loading to avoid redundant classpath entries
  2. different threading mechanisms
  3. adjustable threadpool sizes
  4. selective, adjustable compression
  5. easy switching between non blocking and blocking IO
  6. limited HTTP support for firewalled enviroments
  7. Remote Method Invocation via Remote Reflection (Remoting Framework)
  8. multiple serialization strategies
  9. CRISPY support
  10. WSIF support
  11. In-Process communication within the same Java Virtual Machine
EJOE usage

Status of the project

Starting with version 0.4.0, EJOE is ready for usage in production enviroments. (see planned for 0.4.0 for more details on our latest release)