Todo for version 0.4.0

The following features are planned for the upcoming version 0.4.0:

  1. selective HTTP packaging to prevent proxies from blocking ejoe connections
  2. caching (pooling) of already allocated ByteBuffers to reduce expensive allocations
  3. server configuration via properties file (similiar to the existing feature of EJClient)
  4. cluster support with at least a round-robbing mechanism as well as basic failure detection

The following features are discussed to become part of version 0.4.0:

  1. automatic adjustment of ThreadPool sizes depending on server load up to a limit
  2. runtime configuration via MBean support
  3. adapter for (de)deserializing objects using JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), to allow direct ajax requests from webpage to a EJOE server instance. Possibly we could use the JSON serializer from JSON-RPC-Java: JSONSerializer. This feature depends on HTTP packaging support (see above).