Current status

We follow the "release often, release early paradigm". That means we will release new versions of EJOE as often as it seems to be reasonable. New EJOE versions may contain incompatible API changes until version 0.4.0 will be reached.

Releases containing bugfixes only are called "patch releases" they will be named following this naming convention: x.x.x_yy whereby y.y stands for the patch level and x.x.x stands for the last compatible major version.

At the moment we are mainly working on additional SerializeAdapters, optimization of overall performance and memory consumption as well as on optional HTTP-tunneling of EJOE client calls to support scenarios, where clients may be operating from behind a firewall.

With version 0.3.1 EJOE has reached a beta stage, which means that it's functional but we can't recommend usage in production enviroments. The 0.3.1_01 patch release has shown that EJOE may still contain some more or less critical bugs.

04 February 2006 - EJOE 0.3.5


  • updated XStreamAdapter for XStream 1.1.3
  • reduced massive creation of array objects in the connection processor
  • adapters are now serializable by default to allow full session storage of EJClient
  • fixed synchronisation lock issues in threadpools

19 September 2005 - EJOE 0.3.4 released!


  • (default) XStreamAdapter uses buffering now
  • reduced cpu consumption when waiting for new client connections (cpu burn syndrome)
  • reduced server shutdown time
  • fixed some synchronization issues (especially in the used ThreadPool implementation)
  • ensured clean shutdown of ServerSocketChannels even during thread interruption

18 March 2005 - EJOE 0.3.3 released!


  • Support for persistent client connections was added
  • EJServer handles SerializeAdapters per client request now, clients tell the server what SerializeAdapter they need automatically
  • XStream is used as default (de)serialization mechanism
  • Compression level is now adjustable
  • added new SerializeAdapters for Castor and the standard Java Beans XmlEncoder/XmlDecoder serialization mechanism as well as a raw UTF8 string (de)serializer
  • ConnectionReader doesn't detect clientside connections closes during read operations
  • NullPointerException during initialization of EJClient when using a custom properties file
  • Connection header bits are not restored properly on receiver side
  • If threaded processor usage is enabled, EJOE waits until all running reader threads have finished before scheduling new reader threads
Be aware that 0.3.3 contains some incompatible API changes in the EJOE server component.

06 March 2005 - EJOE 0.3.2 released!

Introducion of selectable IO mechanisms, different threadpools for read/process and writer threads. Adjustable threadpool strategies and selectable compression.

Be aware that 0.3.2 contains some incompatible API changes.

26 February 2005 - EJOE 0.3.1_01 released!

Patch 01 for the 0.3.1 release. Fixed some known bugs and contained some back-ported features of the upcoming 0.3.2 release.

30 January 2005 - EJOE 0.3.1 released!

First public release.